New NK® Soybean Varieties for 2015

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, seed, Soybeans, Syngenta

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 3.55.39 PMGrowing conditions and pest pressures constantly evolve. But NK® soybeans keep pace with growers’ needs by offering 21 new varieties to help their crop start strong for the 2015 season. The seeds of change are here, and Syngenta has them. These varieties address various growing conditions across the country and were developed using the Syngenta Yield Engineering System (Y.E.S.).

“We know that no two fields are alike,” said Doug Tigges, soybeans genetics product manager at Syngenta. “Our new varieties feature the latest herbicide technology traits and address a wide range of needs, including maturity, standability, stress tolerance, and disease and pest resistance. Whether you have poorly drained soils, high pH levels or escalating problems with soybean cyst nematode, NK soybean varieties offer the needed built-in defensive traits with higher yield potential.”

NK soybeans are backed by 45 years of soybean breeding expertise. The launch of NK brand soybeans in the early ‘70s paved the way to the current broad portfolio of varieties. NK soybeans continue their long track record of employing the most innovative breeding technologies through Y.E.S.

Y.E.S. brings an efficient, proactive approach to delivering better genetics, agronomic traits and higher-yielding varieties to the field. This system combines a large, advanced germplasm pool from Syngenta using its proprietary technology and processes. It enables a faster breeding cycle for genetic gain. The lineup of high-performing NK varieties is tailored to specific growing environments.

The 21 new NK soybean varieties offer a wide range of agronomic benefits, such as strong emergence, standability, stress tolerance and resistance to numerous yield-limiting diseases and pests. These resistances include soybean cyst nematode, sudden death syndrome, white mold, iron deficiency chlorosis, root knot nematode and Phytophthora root rot. In addition to providing industry-leading traits, these new 2015 offerings are available for soybean growers in a wide range of choices, from maturity groups 00 through V.

As farming operations continue to become more efficient and profitable, so do the genetics and technology found in NK soybeans. Growers can speak with their local NK retailer or Syngenta Seed Advisor to learn which of the 21 new NK varieties is best suited for their fields so they can grow more soybeans in 2015.