Timely Information for a Data Rich Environment

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, Events, InfoAg, MapShots

mapshots-2Agriculture, today, is an extremely data rich environment. Being able to gather all that data can be an increasingly difficult and time consuming job. Making sense of the data after you’ve gathered it and using it to make the right decisions for your business or farm can be an even more difficult task. Over 20 years ago, work began to develop systems and software to manage agricultural data and the result is a simple solution; MapShots and its AgStudio line of agronomic software.

Mapshots has been developing industry leading software for several years and 2014 brings several changes and updates. One of the newest additions is AgStudio Select which allows you to take your date totally mobile. Other updates include completely automating data capture from your machinery, irrigation equipment, soil testing lab, weather sources, imagery providers or any other third-party agronomic service provider.

MapShots will hold its 2014 MapShots AgStudio Expo to demonstrate and answer questions concerning all its software products. This event will be July 28 at the Union Station Hotel, St. Louis Mo. This is the day before the InfoAg Conference held at the same location. Plan now to attend to learn how to make complex crop management simple. To register online or call MapShots at 678-513-6093.