Innvictis Crop Care Introduces New Insecticide System

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Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 3.52.26 PMInnvictis Crop Care, LLC announces the launch of NIRVANA in time for the 2014 growing season. NIRVANA is a patented formulation catalyst that allows the use of standard EC formulated insecticides to be mixed with liquid fertilizers for use at planting to protect against soil insects.

“This has been an incredibly difficult nut to crack,” says Greg McManic, Director of Research and Development for Innvictis. “Getting pesticides to effectively mix with starter fertilizers is very challenging simply due to the chemical composition of the fertilizers and the EC-based insecticides. After many, many iterations, we found a unique combination of chemistries that will serve as a bridge to connect the fertilizer and pesticide in a consistent and uniform mixture. NIRVANA is chemically formulated to provide that bridge and be the catalyst that brings it all together.”

Casey McDaniel, Commercial Director for Innvictis, said they almost gave up on it, but the formula opens many doors for dealers and farmers.

Liquid fertilizers and EC-formulated insecticides are chemically incompatible and will quickly separate and stratify in conventional mixtures. NIRVANA connects the two molecules and holds them together in a chemical bond for a period of time allowing farmers to conveniently mix and apply starter fertilizer and insecticides in one application.

The product is expected to become available for the 2014 planting season, but in limited quantities. Full availability is expected in 2015. You can find more information on NIRVANA by calling 1-888-INNVICTIS or emailing

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