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infoag-13-dave-westMaking good decisions on the farm has a lot to do with knowledge and hard work. But the best knowledge and the hardest work can be undone if you’re starting with bad information. To help farmers get the best information Geosys has just announced the Field Profit Planner, a comprehensive tool for farmers and their advisors who pursue high efficiency farming.

The new cloud-based GEOSYS Field Profit Planner service gives growers quick analyses of their individual fields while also providing insight into productivity across the entire farm. Unique to the GEOSYS platform, profit analysis for each field is included as part of the standard package. Each grower’s individual field costs and yields can be used to calculate returns on each field or variable rate technology (VRT) field zone. The data is displayed in an easy-to-use format.

At the recent the 2013 InfoAg Conference on precision agriculture, Chuck caught up with Dave Scott with GEOSYS, one of the speakers at the event. He says GEOSYS uses the latest tools in agronomy so are enabled to make the best decisions for their operations.

“We’re not actually making those decisions for a grower. Our tools are meant to give the producer or decisionmaker the best information to make the best decisions,” he said, adding GEOSYS has been in business around the globe for 25 years. And over the past decade, they have put together a database on satellite imagery that is what Dave characterizes as the most effective tool for measuring variability in a field. That’s a lot of information at the fingertips of GEOSYS providers. “Being able to take that, build the algorithms to it and process it, and deliver visual tools that will act as either a substrate for a conventional solution or a precision ag, variable-rate solution, that’s where we play.”

Dave says GEOSYS’ information can tell a subscriber what’s going on in the soil, past performance, variables, and where to plant crops, just to name a few items. He added the data really helps producers who need to be able to anticipate and react to the variables in those fields. Dave said knowing what to do in the various parts of one field can significantly cut down on the costly inputs, such as fertilizer and seed.

“We’re talking about producing more crop with either the same amount or less inputs.”

Dave concluded saying all a farmer needs is internet access to get the information they need from GEOSYS, and the data they gather from their own operations would be cloud-based, so producers don’t have to worry about having a wall of servers just to preserve all that info. Plus, he said they have an Apple-based app for mobile devices.

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You can listen to Chuck’s interview with Dave here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Dave Scott, GEOSYS”]

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