Ag Leader DirectCommand with OptRx Crop Sensors

Chuck ZimmermanAg Leader, Audio, InfoAg

Matt Wolfe Ag Leader TechnologyOur coverage sponsor for the 2014 InfoAg Conference is Ag Leader Technology once again. Thank you very much! They brought out a full team and wide range of products to show the record crowd.

The first person I visited with was Matt Wolfe (pictured on left). His favorite product to talk about because they’re so involved with it right now is DirectCommand with OptRx Crop Sensors which allow you to measure crop health and provide application rate recommendations in real-time. This allows you to re-distribute your nitrogen to where it is most needed. Sounds like a good part of a conservation plan while also putting more dollars in your pocket.

You can listen to my interview with Matt here to learn more about it: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Matt Wolfe”]

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