Arvus Crosses Borders to Join InfoAg

Talia GoesAgribusiness, InfoAg

image005Arvus, a Brazilian pioneer company in precision agriculture and forestry focusing on software development innovations, will present its first international exhibition of products during InfoAg, July 16-18.

“Currently we have great customers and partnerships in South America, however, it is important to expand to other countries. We are investing in international business partners to seek and analyze the innovations that are being developed abroad” – believes Bernardo de Castro, CEO of Arvus. According to Castro, the process is also important to compete in markets that have more culture of investment in precision agriculture.

The company has already achieved international prominence during the fourth edition of Infodev Global Forum, an event sponsored by the World Bank in 2011, when Arvus was chosen as one of three companies that represented Brazil. During Infodev, a forum that connected the hole world community of technology parks and incubators, opportunities arose for them in early trading with countries in Europe and Central and South America.