Precision Dairy Show

Cindy ZimmermanDairy, Data Collection, technology

Precision farming is not just for crops.

This week, the first ever U.S. Precision Dairy Conference and Expo was held in Rochester, Minnesota featuring experts in the field of precision dairy management, as well as producer panels on the topics of robotic milking, automated calf feeders and sensor technology; and various latest precision dairy research abstracts from the US and around the world.

robo-dairyAmong the show’s sponsors was BouMatic® Robotics, featuring the OptiFlo™ CF variable speed milk transfer control system for the ultimate in cooling system efficiency. Also on display was the integrated dairy management system SmartDairy, which collects, delivers and manages performance data “while providing operational control and monitoring of the dairy enterprise at the touch of a finger.”

was another company sponsoring the event. “Our milking parlors have been tested and those tests showed that they produce 5% more milk, milk each cow an average a minute faster,” said Dr Edmond Harty, CEO & Technical Director, Dairymaster. “Because of advanced technologies our rotaries are operating with fewer labor units. This is science applied to make producers’ lives easier and more profitable”

Dairymaster also has a Select Detect Mobile app which helps dairy producers manage fertility and increase pregnancy rate.