SCR Dairy Precision

Chuck ZimmermanAgribusiness, Audio, Dairy

Let me introduce you to SCR Dairy, Inc., Precise Dairy Farming. We’re in a precision world in agriculture and that includes the dairy industry. In the case of SCR Dairy it’s all about cow monitoring systems.

Just prior to the recent World Dairy Expo, ag media got a close up look at SCR Dairy via management presentations and a tour of Fertile Ridge Dairy which is using SCR Dairy products. Our leader for the tour was Tom Breunig, SCR U.S. General Manager, pictured on the left in the photo.

The parent company is based in Israel and only recently opened this office and division in Madison, WI. Many people would be familiar with SCR’s milk flow meters. However, in the case of SCR Dairy it’s about monitoring rumination and ID tags. These tags are utilized in a collar on the cow and measure a number of things including movement much like a Wii. My attention was drawn to the fact that the system includes a microphone which allows a dairy to listen to the cow chew and rumen action. Fascinating stuff. In my interview with Tom he describes how the dairy now has a real “picture” of each cow and what is going on with them. This has greatly reduced the amount of time a dairy has to spend on cow monitoring. There are a number of other benefits too.

You can listen to my interview with Tom here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Tom Breunig”]