Ag Leader Looking Ahead To Harvest

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Our coverage of the InfoAg Conference would not be complete without a visit to our sponsor, Ag Leader Technology. Although the crew as often busy when I stopped by I finally found a quiet moment with Jeff Bentley, GPS Guidance/Steering Sales Manager.

Jeff told me the conference is attended more by consultants and others involved in the precision industry than growers like it used to be. He says it’s great to have more interaction with these folks. Yield monitoring is where Ag Leader started and going into the fall harvest it’s on the top of mind. But the company has grown into so many other precision areas and steering has become an area with more and more interest, especially for harvesting. For growers who have not moved into precision applications, he suggests starting with yield mapping and not just yield monitoring. That gives the grower some very important field data from which management decisions can be made. He says mapping really sets a grower up for new products from Ag Leader like their OptRx system which improves nitrogen use.

Listen to my interview with Jeff here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Jeff Bentley”]

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