Sensor-based Variable-Rate Application on Cotton

Kurt LawtonCotton, Equipment, Remote sensing, Spraying, University

A new publication for cotton growers offer insight and details into sensor-based variable-rate application and equipment, written by Oklahoma State University Ag Engineer Randy Taylor and Auburn University Precision Ag Extension Specialist John Fulton, funded by Cotton Incorporated.

There are great opportunities for this technology in cotton production for varying the application of plant growth regulators, harvest aids, and nitrogen. However, the users must understand the limitations of their equipment and the sensors being used in order to maximize the benefits.

Users should understand the agronomy behind prescriptions and be comfortable with the recommendations. Familiarity with these prescriptions can allow users to fine tune them for their environment or to develop their own prescription algorithms. They should also understand their equipment and know how to tune their controller for optimum response. As with all new technologies, users should seek advice from experts and those who are already implementing sensor–based variable rate application.

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