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Insights WeeklyDespite the heavy rains at times followed by high heat and humidity, around 800 growers, retailers and crop consultants came to Farm Journal test plots near Bloomington, Ill., to gain in-depth knowledge from experts at the recent Farm Journal Corn College.

During this week-long classroom and in-field event, hosted by Farm Journal field agronomists Ken Ferrie and Missy Bauer, participants gained hands-on information about such topics as planter impact on root growth and development, variable-rate population and nitrogen, the significance of water pH on herbicides, lime quality and application methods, and much more.

Ag Leader Technology was one of the sponsors of the event, and the company hosted a luncheon ‘Learning Session.’ “We talked about crop sensor technology from A to Z—from helping growers understand how the technology works to what farmers need to consider when adding the technology to their operation,” says Jessica Reis, Marketing Communications Specialist for Ag Leader.

“It was an excellent dialogue with growers, who helped remind us how cutting-edge this nitrogen sensor technology is from their perspective, which is different from those of us who deal with it daily,” Reis says. “We talked a lot about how growers can add sensors to gauge crop health during a postemergent herbicide application, as well as how the sensors, such as our OptRx Crop Sensor, can be incorporated into a nitrogen application program. It was a great learning session for us as well as the growers.”

Sponsors of the event also participated in a trade show area to answer any and all questions. “We had a lot of questions about planter section control, such as our SureStop Clutch and SureVac Shutoff, to help grower save seed costs,” Reis says. “Data questions, such as how to analyze years of collected data for improved management decisions, were very popular. We helped growers understand the benefits of our SMS Basic and Advanced software, and how it can work with data from many types and colors of equipment.”

For more information from this third annual event, visit And check out RFD-TV on September 1 as Corn College TV will air 30-minute educational programs weekly.
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