New Wi-Fi Network Hub For The Farmstead

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Claimed to work better than any current home networking solution, the roof-mounted Ayrstone AyrMesh wireless network can make your whole farmstead wireless, as reported this week in Ag Weekly Online.

Bill Moffitt wants to offer farmers and ranchers the ability to open up a laptop computer anywhere on their homestead and have Internet connectivity.

Recently Moffitt, the founder and president of Ayrstone Productivity, LLC, announced that an affordable system is now available.

The Ayrstone AyrMesh wireless network makes it possible to conduct Internet-based tasks within visual range of an AyrMesh Hub in the office or in the yard.

Priced at $249, the AyrMesh Hub is about the size and weight of a small transistor radio and designed for indoor or outdoor mounting.

It’s 40 times as powerful as the Wireless Local Area Network (Wi-Fi) routers usually found in homes. Moffit says the AyrMesh Hub is as powerful a Wi-Fi device as allowed in the United States.

“The networking solutions that have been available for agriculture have tended to be very expensive and difficult to put into place,” Moffitt said. “We wanted to offer a network originating in the homestead that builds a wireless network that people can afford and use easily.”

To learn more about the history and how this system works, read the story.

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