Leica Expands Connectivity To Growing GPS CORS Network

Kurt LawtonCompany Announcement, Equipment, GPS, Leica Geosystems

Farmers who have precision guidance equipment and access to the growing CORS (Continuously Operating Reference System) towerless GPS network have a new tool from Leica Geosystems to tap into it.

The Intuicom RTK Bridge allows farm equipment with guidance systems to access real-time RTK network correction without the use of a base station. State-wide CORS and private real-time networks are now available to farmers with a wide range of auto-steer systems.

“This partnership allows our resellers to offer a solution for customers who have already purchased a guidance system but now wish to connect to one of the many CORS networks,” said Trevor Mecham, NAFTA business manager for Leica Ag Solutions.

Because CORS networks work together as a true network rather than a series of individual towers, farmers experience broader, more seamless coverage without the line-of-sight issues associated with existing, single-reference networks.

“We’ve seen the benefits of the RTK Bridge across many industries,” said Tom Foley, Intuicom president. “The advantages in precision agriculture are just beginning to be fully realized.”

Already this year, hundreds of Intuicom RTK bridges have increased farmer productivity with real-time network connections. Under this new partnership, Leica Ag Solution’s authorized resellers will become the premier distributor for the Intuicom RTK Bridge into the agriculture market.