New Smaller Deere Self-Propelled Sprayer

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John Deere adds a new economy-sized, versatile 4630 self-propelled sprayer to it’s 30-Series lineup that is wired to add valuable precision farming tools.

The new 4630 Sprayer is ideal for cotton farmers who want a low-cost, comfortable, and productive machine that’s simple to operate. It’s also ideal for corn, soybean, or small-grain producers that want a productive yet comfortable machine with advanced options. The 4630 Sprayer replaces John Deere’s discontinued 6700 Sprayer.

“When they order a 4630 Sprayer, customers can choose between a narrow 72- to 88-inch, or wide 90- to 120-inch axle configuration. In areas where corn or soybeans are planted on traditional 30-inch rows, the sprayer’s wide axle configuration allows it to straddle three or four rows providing ultimate stability for the operator. In cotton country, the narrow configuration gives the sprayer the ability to straddle two 36-, 38-, or 40-inch rows that allow cotton producers to stay on hard centers. This axle flexibility allows the 4630 to fit in most crop applications in North America and around the world. Plus, its C-channel frame and air-ride, four-link suspended axle provide an exceptionally smooth ride that lets you spray at speeds up to 17 mph,” says Nick Weinrich John Deere product manager.

“The GreenStar™ AutoTrac™-Ready CommandView™ cab surrounds operators with industry-leading visibility, exceptional productivity and convenience that leads to best-in-class operator comfort,” says Weinrich.

Operators pilot the sprayer with a single hydro lever that moves with the ComfortCommand™ seat. John Deere’s AutoTrac-Ready system provides the necessary wiring harnesses to run GreenStar guidance and field documentation applications. Customers can add a StarFire™ global positioning receiver and use it in conjunction with the standard GreenStar 2 1800 Display or optional GS2 2600 Display to run guidance applications such as AutoTrac™ and Swath Control Pro™. The GS2 2600 Display enables operators to create as-applied maps, and to utilize documentation features found in larger John Deere 4730, 4830, and 4930 Sprayers.

The 4630 Sprayer is available with a 60-/80-foot boom that enables operators to spray at either a 60-foot width with the outer booms folded in, or at 80-feet with the booms fully extended. And, there are three tire size options to choose from that include 320, 380, and 420 sizes, so customers can better match their crop and application needs.

Each 4630 Sprayer is powered by a 165-horsepower John Deere PowerTech™ 6.8L, turbocharged diesel engine that’s Tier III emissions compliant. A 70-gallon fuel tank provides up to 16 hours of operating time between refueling.

“The 4630 Sprayer comes equipped with features similar to John Deere’s larger sprayer models, including a 4-wheel hydrostatic transmission that’s matched to the John Deere SprayStar™ spray-rate control system that allows for accurate, variable-rate spraying at speeds up to 15 mph. A 50/50 weight split provides optimal balance for traction control and flotation. Customers may also consider adding traction control and auto air spring leveling suspension system to personalize the sprayer so it fits perfectly into their operation,” explains Weinrich.

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