New Leica Auto-Steer Offers Free 6-8 Inch Accuracy

Kurt LawtonCompany Announcement, Equipment, GPS, Leica Geosystems, Spraying

The new mojoGLIDE console from Leica Geosystems is claimed to offer a revolutionary new dual-frequency GLIDE positioning technology that provides 6- to 8-inch accuracy with no subscription fees and no base station. And if you buy the console, display and auto boom section control for your sprayer before JUNE 30th, you can save $4,500.

Leica’s mojoGLIDE console retails at $7,990 and is fully upgradable to RTK accuracy with an unlock code. Once the unlock code is purchased, the console can be used with a personal base station or on a CORS network. No additional hardware or upgrades will be required to obtain RTK accuracy.

“The mojoGLIDE console is the only low-accuracy auto-steer system that comes with all the necessary components to upgrade to RTK accuracy, eliminating the need to purchase additional radios, antennas, or cell modems,” said Trevor Mecham, North American business manager for Leica’s Ag Group. “Like the mojoRTK, the mojoGLIDE console is quick and easy to install and comes with Leica Geosystem’s patented 9-axis terrain compensation for the best performance in the most difficult terrain.”

The dual-frequency L1/L2 GLIDE technology can be added to existing mojoRTK consoles allowing users to operate without the base station during field preparation, spraying or other work that does not require RTK accuracy.

“We think our customers will see a lot of value in the mojoGLIDE console since there is no subscription fee and it is completely upgradable to RTK accuracy with the purchase of a single unlock code, which can be purchased and delivered via Virtual Wrench™,” said Darin Sothers, North American sales manager for Leica’s Ag Group.

Leica’s remote service and support tool – Virtual Wrench – can be used with the mojoGLIDE console allowing customers to get quick support in the field with a touch a button. Virtual Wrench also allows users to add advanced guidance options, RTK accuracy or other software upgrades to their console.