Precision Pasture Grazing With Sensors

Kurt LawtonCompany Announcement, Dairy, Equipment

Taking 200 grass measurements per second, the Rapid Pasture Meter from C-Dax Systems in New Zealand helps dairy and intensive grazing operations ensure optimum grazing conditions.

The concept came from the New Zealand Center for Precision Agriculture at Massey University, which continues to provide input into the ongoing development of the technology. Farmworks develops the accompanying PDA and desktop software.

The Rapid Pasture Meter allows you to accurately measure grazing residuals (pre & post grazing) for easy identification of poor performing areas of pasture, or palatability issues.

The speed and ease of use of this pasture management tool means that it can even be used to determine the optimum position of electric fences when break feeding to provide optimum feed every time.

The Pasture Meter has been designed to encourage the measurement of pasture residuals which is seen as important to ensure maximum utilisation from your pasture. Much of the guarding around the unit is designed to keep the sensors clean while measuring heavily soiled paddocks.

Initially two versions are available;

Tier1 – is a read only system that produces pasture cover averages for you to record as you complete each paddock. The system is bundled with P-Plus PastureCover software.

Tier 2 – is enabled with Bluetooth™ wireless and allows you to collect data from multiple paddocks which can be downloaded to your computer, so there is no need to carry a pen and pad with you.

Check out C-Dax Pasturemeter brochure with testimonials from users.