New Map & Guidance Display from Leica

Kurt LawtonCompany Announcement, Displays, Equipment, Leica Geosystems

Get accurate real-time visual display of every field application with the new iNEX Maping & Guidance Display from Leica Geosystems. This large touch-screen display works with the Leica mojoRTK auto-steer system, or can be used as stand-alone guidance system with most GPS receivers.

The display comes with field data management software to store multiple vehicle setups. It records data from all fields, which can be easily transferred to a computer. In addition to AB parallel guidance, you also get A+ Heading and Adaptive Curve options for year-to-year repeatability.

“Combining mapping, data management, and auto-section control technology in the iNEX display with the Leica mojoRTK has given us the opportunity to reach more of the market with the tools they need to save on input costs right now,” said Trevor Mecham, North American business manager for Leica’s Agriculture Group. “We remain committed to building tools and technology that are easy to use and fit the needs of U.S. farmers.”

To ensure that customers only pay for the features they want and need, the Leica iNEX comes with a suite of standard guidance options, but offers optional upgrades. Those producers who require advanced guidance options or auto-section control can add just the options they need. Plus, when used with Leica’s mojoRTK, the iNEX can be upgraded remotely at any time via Leica Geosystems’ unique remote service and support tool – Virtual Wrench(TM).

Upgrade options for the iNEX include three advanced guidance options – Pivots, Contours and Replay. Replay is a guidance option unique to the iNEX that allows users to “replay” advanced guidance patterns on the most unique fields.

Additionally, auto-section control can be added to the iNEX display providing automatic on/off for spraying and planting applications.

Retail price is $4,995, and is available from Leica’s network of premium resellers.