Satellite TV For Your Car (or Tractor?)

Kurt LawtonCompany Announcement, Satellite

How about this for an extravagant non-ag precision gizmo? Among the many high-tech product launches at the recent SEMA (automotive specialty products) show was this AT&T Cruisecast satellite TV for your car–through a unique roof-top antenna developed by AT&T and RaySat.

For a list price of $1,299 and a monthly fee of $28, the current system will offer 22 channels of satellite TV and 20 satellite radio channels–but the sky is the limit on this technology (and I imagine Internet access may be in its future). It’s designed for rear-seat auto video screens, but I wouldn’t put it past some techies to make it work for anything from tailgates to tractor uses.

AT&T says it will available this spring at auto dealerships and in auto aftermarket channels.

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