Learning About New Rate Controller Updates

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John Deere Product Launch Field DayAt the recent John Deere product introduction new sprayers were on display for dealers to see in action. Also being shown was some of the new precision products that help growers more precisely apply products.

Take for example the new rate controller system.

Precision farming technology continues to grow as producers adopt innovative practices to bring more efficiency to their operations. The GreenStar™ 2 (GS2) Rate Controller was introduced last year to help growers automatically manage and control spray rates on pull-type sprayers. Now, GS2 will be expanded this winter for compatibility with certain NH3 and liquid fertilizer applications.

Three presenters showed the equipment to us including Iowa farm brothers Brent and Lee Madden and Adam Hart. You can watch a portion of their presentation here and learn more. They did fire up the equipment like the 4830 sprayer in the background.

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