Only 25 Percent of Farms Using Smartphones, iPads

John Davis

Despite their seeming infiltration everywhere else, there’s one place where new technologies, such as smartphones and iPads, are not being used enough: the farm. In particular, Iowa State University research shows that just 25 percent of farmers are using them to receive crop production information. ISU Extension Entomologist Erin Hodgson says there are some reason why the technology is so …

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TeeJet Technologies Launches 540 Series Boom Shutoff Manifold

Jamie Johansen

TeeJet Technologies announces their new 540 series manifold for sprayer boom shutoff. This new gear driven, plunger-style design provides long-term reliability in a more compact size. The 540 can deliver improved wear-life when working with abrasive solutions and will generate strong closing force for positive shutoff. Tim Stuenkel, Marketing Manager with TeeJet, said “With the introduction of the 540 series …

Equipment, Spraying, technology Podcast: The Ag Gateway into the future

Meghan Grebner

 AgGateway is focused on promoting and expanding e-commerce in the agriculture industry.  The non-profit organization helps companies address current and future challenges within the industry.  Jeff Kaiser with John Deere is the chair of Ag Gateway’s Precision Ag Council.  He says in the council’s short time – they’ve been focused on the basics and working with both the trading partners and their customers. …

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TeeJet Launches High-Precision GNSS Receivers

Melissa Sandfort

TeeJet Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of a new line of high-precision GNSS receivers for use in the most demanding ag applications. Both receivers utilize an integrated receiver and antenna packaged in a single, rugged enclosure for easy installation and long-term durability. These receivers are ideal for applications requiring high levels of accuracy such as strip-tillage, controlled traffic …

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LightSquared Implements Voluntary Chapter 11 Restructuring

Melissa Sandfort

LightSquared announced that it commenced voluntarily reorganization cases under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to give it time to resolve regulatory issues that have prevented it from building its coast-to-coast integrated satellite 4G wireless network. The company fully expects to continue normal operations throughout this process. All LightSquared distribution partners and customers, including public safety, emergency response, government …

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Hemisphere GPS Launches AgJunction Mobile

Melissa Sandfort

Hemisphere GPS announced the new AgJunction Mobile for iOS, an enhancement to AgJunction, its precision agriculture data services platform. AgJunction Mobile is an in-field data collection system featuring GPS-enabled boundary mapping and soil sampling. To take advantage of the latest technologies, AgJunction and Cogent3D, maker of PrecisionEarth, have come together to release AgJunction Mobile for iOS. Available for both iPhone …

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Tire technology can make farmers more efficient

Meghan Grebner

When you think of technology, tires aren’t exactly the first thing that come to mind.   In this Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology we examine how the world of implement tires is changing and how Titan Tires is helping producers become more efficient in their operations.  Brent Murray is a sales rep for Titan Tires and he says stubble damage is …

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Take a Tour of Ag Leader at NFMS

Cindy Zimmerman

The Ag Leader Technology exhibit at the National Farm Machinery Show has been hopping this week. Among the attractions for farmers: The coming-soon INTEGRA™ display with planter down force monitor and control capability (pictured here); the popular “best bang for your buck” VERSA display; SMS Mobile; and OptRx crop sensor I took a little tour around the Ag Leader booth …

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