Precision Farmers Cut Pesticide Use With Seed

Kurt Lawton

While the anti-agriculture activists spout misinformed data about how genetically-modified grains have not boosted yields nor reduced use of fertilizer or chemicals–those of us living and breathing modern precision agriculture know the truth. In my hundreds and hundreds of interviews I’ve done over the years with progressive farmers (in stories that have appeared in Progressive Farmer, Farm Industry News and …

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InfoAg Talk: Understand Nutrient Variability

Kurt Lawton

Growers need to focus on getting the right nutrient source applied at the right time, rate and place, says Steve Phillips, southeast region director of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI). In his talk at the recent InfoAg precision agriculture conference, Phillips outlined the top 10 reasons why we need to understand spatial variability for nutrient management. 10. We need …

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Add Precision To Irrigation Water Use

Kurt Lawton

The battle for water between agriculture and urban use only continues to gain momentum, yet both sides must focus on further efficiency. In California, a new study by the Pacific Institute points to ways that agriculture can still flourish despite diminishing water supply and uncertain climate change. But, new steps to significantly increase water use efficiency must be taken. The …

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InfoAg Speaker Promotes Fertilizer BMP Needs

Kurt Lawton

Encouraging all farmers, not just the technology adopters, to use precision fertilizer Best Management Practices (BMPs) was the theme of an opening session talk by Clyde Graham, VP of Strategy and Alliances with the Canadian Fertilizer Institute. Speaking at the bi-annual precision agriculture InfoAg conference in Springfield, Ill., today, Graham cited the importance of a global 4Rs BMP effort with …

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Precision Agriculture Benefits Presented at United Nations

Kurt Lawton

“Technology has reduced the amount of herbicides and pesticides needed, requiring less energy per bushel produced, thus reducing our carbon footprint.” That was one of many precision farming efficiency messages delivered by Rob Korff last week at a United Nations food security meeting. Korff, Missouri family farmer and chairman of the National Corn Growers Association Biotechnology Working Group, explained how …

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Precision Technology A Must To Feed The World

Kurt Lawton

To feed a growing population, we need increased sustainable and global efforts with precision irrigation, fertilization, mechanization and genetically modified crops that improve yields, says a report released today by Deutsche Bank in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. “We are at a crossroads in terms of our investments in agriculture and what we will …

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Your Comments On GM Ethanol Corn Requested

Kurt Lawton

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is seeking comments until July 6 on the proposed petition to deregulate genetically modified (GM) corn that improves ethanol production. The petition for deregulation, submitted by Syngenta Seeds Inc., is in accordance with APHIS’ regulations concerning the introduction of genetically-engineered organisms and products and is available for the public’s review and …

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Farmers Promote Ag With Precision Communications

Kurt Lawton

The blog Nebraska Corn Kernels highlighted a recent TV report on how a few farmers are using Twitter to benefit their operation and dispel agriculture myths among consumers.  In a longer “extra” video segment (go here and click on “Farmer Brandon Hunnicutt on Twitter”), farmer Brandon Hunnicutt also talked with the reporter about how he uses social media to help …

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Cap And Trade And Precision Farming

Kurt Lawton

The benefits of precision farming to help capture carbon in farm fields is receiving press within the current debate of the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy & Security Act, a.k.a. (HR2454). While controversy surrounds this bill on several fronts–from lack of offset inclusion for agriculture to larger energy costs being pushed back to consumers–North Dakota farmer and National Farmers Union (NFU) president …

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Precision Agriculture And Texas Denim Jeans

Kurt Lawton

Kudos to the Plains Cotton Cooperative Association in Lubbock, Tex., for launching a new company that is selling eco-friendly denim jeans from cotton grown using the efficiencies of precision farming. The company Denimatrix will produce jeans in Guatemala made from cotton produced by 25,000 grower-members of American Cotton Growers (ACG) who are focused on developing quality fabric using sustainable practices. …

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