5 Things Caledonia Wants AgTech Investors to Know

Joanna Schroeder

There are five things Caledonia Solutions wants Agtech investors to know during this time of low commodity prices. The organization says that during down times, more growers stay away from making precision ag investments. However, this is contrary to what growers should actually do. “Growers with cash find now is the time to be a contrarian and invest in ag …

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Valent, Danforth Plant Center Solidify Rhizosphere Project

Joanna Schroeder

Valent BioSciences Corporation (VBC) and St. Louis, Missouri-based Donald Danforth Plant Science Center have solidified a multi-year Master of Cooperation agreement focused on the area of root science and the rhizosphere. The partnership will capitalize on The Danforth Center’s focus on discoveries and technologies for improving agricultural productivity with minimal environmental impact including new research on non-destructive imaging technology for …

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Buffer Crops Good Soil Runoff Strategy

Joanna Schroeder

University of Missouri researchers, focused on reducing soil and nutrient loss and runoff from agricultural fields, have found that using buffers between crops and trees both reduces soil runoff and maintains good growing conditions. Runoff, when fertilizer and pesticides are washed downstream, has been in the news lately as linked to “dead” areas in the Gulf of Mexico where high …

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Dukes Honored with John Deere Gold Medal Award

Kelly Marshall

Michael Dukes has been honored with the 2016 John Deere Gold Medal award. Dukes is the director of the Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.  He has received national recognition for his expertise in irrigation and water conservation.  The award is given by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological …

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“FitBit” for Healthy Plants

Kelly Marshall

Hours of research in a lab mean next to nothing if a researcher doesn’t know what happens to seeds in the field. Up till now scientists have checked crops the same way it’s been done for centuries- by walking through the rows. But not any longer.  Now researchers have created the Phenocart, a portable collection of sensors scientists can push through the …

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#ASTAannual Supports Future of #Seed Industry

Cindy Zimmerman

The future of the seed industry is in good hands if the students who are attending this year’s American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) annual meeting are any indication. ASTA has a strong interest in encouraging young people pursuing careers in the industry in a number of ways, from programs that mentor students to supporting the efforts of the American Seed …

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NAGC Officially Opens Its Doors

Lizzy Schultz

The National Agricultural Genotyping Center (NAGC) will open its doors this week, and government and industry representatives will be on hand for the facility’s grand opening. North Dakota Ag Commissioner Goehring, Fargo Mayor Mahoney, and several representatives of both legislative staff and agricultural association leadership were present to discuss the center’s possibilities during a tour of the state-of-the-art laboratories. “This …

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Space May Offer New Seed Tech- at #ASTAannual

Kelly Marshall

If NASA is looking for extraordinary out in space, CASIS is looking for extraordinary right here on earth. The Center for Advancement of Science in Space manages the laboratory on the International Space Station (ISS), providing resources needed to launch research and innovation that comes from experiments in micro gravity. Breakthroughs in space often lead to breakthroughs on earth. Here …

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Global Business Climate Remains Slow for Machinery

Lizzy Schultz

Results from the latest Agrievolution Business Barometer survey are showing that, while the global downturn in the agricultural machinery industry seems to have stabilized, global recovery is not in sight for the next six months, and the sector may stay at current low levels. The survey found that the global business climate index is back to the low level of …

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Stem Cells May Be Key To Increased Yields

Lizzy Schultz

Biologists at New York’s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory have discovered a regulatory pathway in corn that could help explain how plants regulate the proliferation of stem cells, and could potentially be used to increase yields of corn and other staple crops by as much as 50 percent. The pathway works by channeling signals from emerging young leaves in corn to …

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