Precision Ag Research in Missouri

Cindy Zimmerman

Earlier this year I did a post about research being done by USDA-ARS and University of Missouri extension on precision agriculture. I had a chance to talk with MU extension ag engineer Kent Shannon about their research work and how they are proving that precision really does pay. Listen to my interview with Kent here. Kent Shannon (7:30 min mp3)

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Precision Environmentalism

Laura McNamara

Precision technology isn’t just for farming anymore. The Dickinson Press reports that the Golden Valley Soil Conservation District in North Dakota is working on saline reclamation project. The project will examine the impact of increased levels of saline in surface and groundwater. Golden Valley says the higher levels of saline result in degraded water bodies and reduced crop and forage …

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Precision for Specialty Crops

Cindy Zimmerman

USDA’s Cooperative Extension Service has a good summary of a workshop held earlier this year on “Engineering Solutions for Specialty Crop Challenges.” The workshop provided a forum for special crop industries to engage the science and technology community. Industry representatives voiced their concerns with regard to productivity, production efficiency, post-harvest processing, and environmental quality. In response, the research community offered …

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Mapping Prairie Grass

Cindy Zimmerman

Here’s another use for aerial imagery – helping ranchers decide how many cows they can support per acre, as well as how much carbon rangeland plants store. A study by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and the University of North Dakota lays a foundation for eventually allowing ranchers to get Web-based information on the quality and quantity of forage plants …

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Precision Agriculture Being Developed in Japan

Chuck Zimmerman

This past week I’ve been attending an International Federation of Agricultural Journalists Congress in Japan. On one of our stops we saw precision agriculture on display in a rice paddy! This is in development now at the Furukawa Agricultural Research Station. I interviewed Yoshisada Nogasaka, Research Team for Farm Machinery and Systems for NARC, the National Agricultural Research Center. He’s …

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Satellite Citrus Research

Cindy Zimmerman

The Florida citrus industry is being threatened by diseases such as canker and greening that could have a severe impact on production in the future. The Florida Department of Citrus has been working with NASA for almost three years now to determine how satellite technology can help the state’s citrus industry track grove acreage and tree numbers, and eventually spot …

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Precision Citrus Counting

Cindy Zimmerman

Researchers at the University of Florida are developing an electronic system to “see” and count citrus fruit, a concept called machine vision. It could be commercially available by the end of the decade. According to news from UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, the system includes a Global Positioning System receiver and notes the position of each tree with …

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Precision Update: Midwest Adoption

Melissa Sandfort

This spring, CropLife® magazine and Purdue University’s Center for Food and Agricultural Business conducted a survey of crop input dealers for the 12th consecutive year to see which precision technologies were being used by dealers, what type of precision services they were expecting to offer in the future, and how precision farming customers were impacting their businesses. As in previous …

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Farmers Continue to Embrace Technology

Melissa Sandfort

A report from the University of Kentucky asserts that growers are finding recent precision ag technology advancements are highly beneficial to their operations. “We’re really at an exciting time with this technology,” said Ben Koostra, an engineer associate with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. “What we’ve seen is in the past five or six years, the very early …

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USDA Studying Precision Ag

Cindy Zimmerman

Researchers at USDA’s Agricultural Research Service Cropping Systems and Water Quality Research Unit in Columbia, Missouri are studying which combinations of precision agriculture methods work best. According to an article in the March 2007 issue of Agricultural Research magazine, researchers Newell Kitchen, Robert Lerch and Ken Sudduth are working to demonstrate how precision agriculture can be an economically viable tool …

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