Precision Works for Farmers

Laura McNamara

We’ve featured various articles from the Precision Agriculture Institute here on and that’s because we’ve recognized just how committed the independent media company is to precision agriculture. The time and research the institutes’s journalists pour into the study of precision technology and the stories they publish on is extensive. That’s why it’s safe to say that the institute …

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FutureFarm and a Field of Robots

Laura McNamara

Dr. Simon Blackmore says he has his sights set on the future of agriculture. Not many could doubt that after considering the extensive breadth of research and development the world-renowned agriculturist continually applies to his work in precision farming. Simon was a leading speaker at the 9th International Conference on Precision Agriculture, sharing his expertise on two main fronts: FutureFarm …

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Making the Most of Manure Management

Laura McNamara

Peter Kyveryga says it’s no secret that manure applications can be difficult to handle. It also should be no secret that the Iowa Soybean Association offers manure management resources to farmers through its On-Farm Network. Peter says the On-Farm Network encourages farmers to conduct their own manure management techniques through trials and field tests, but he adds that there is …

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Exploring Nitrogen Applications at ISA On-Farm

Laura McNamara

The big advantage of the Iowa Soybean Association’s On-Farm Network is the first-hand look at what ISA has to offer. At least, that’s what ISA’s On-Farm Senior Research Associate Peter Kyveryga thinks. He says the On-Farm Network influences people where it counts most: out in the field. Peter says on farm trials show results and that’s a big factor for …

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Community Precision in Iowa

Laura McNamara

The On-Farm Network of the Iowa Soybean Association is just that… a network meant to give farmers around the state tried and true information about precision farming technology and tools. Chuck interviewed Tracy Blackmer, the Director of Research for the Iowa Soybean Association about how On-Farm Network makes maximizing precision ag on the individual farm a community effort. In the …

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PrecisionAg Institute Says

Chuck Zimmerman

I know we’ve already mentioned some findings from the PrecisionAg Institute about whether precision agriculture pays. I had an opportunity to talk with K. Elliott Nowels, who authored a report for the Institute titled, “Precision Powers Profit” (pdf file) to learn more about what they did find. First of all they found that 80% of farmers who use precision are …

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Precision Ag Research in Missouri

Cindy Zimmerman

Earlier this year I did a post about research being done by USDA-ARS and University of Missouri extension on precision agriculture. I had a chance to talk with MU extension ag engineer Kent Shannon about their research work and how they are proving that precision really does pay. Listen to my interview with Kent here. Kent Shannon (7:30 min mp3)

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Precision Environmentalism

Laura McNamara

Precision technology isn’t just for farming anymore. The Dickinson Press reports that the Golden Valley Soil Conservation District in North Dakota is working on saline reclamation project. The project will examine the impact of increased levels of saline in surface and groundwater. Golden Valley says the higher levels of saline result in degraded water bodies and reduced crop and forage …

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Precision for Specialty Crops

Cindy Zimmerman

USDA’s Cooperative Extension Service has a good summary of a workshop held earlier this year on “Engineering Solutions for Specialty Crop Challenges.” The workshop provided a forum for special crop industries to engage the science and technology community. Industry representatives voiced their concerns with regard to productivity, production efficiency, post-harvest processing, and environmental quality. In response, the research community offered …

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Mapping Prairie Grass

Cindy Zimmerman

Here’s another use for aerial imagery – helping ranchers decide how many cows they can support per acre, as well as how much carbon rangeland plants store. A study by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and the University of North Dakota lays a foundation for eventually allowing ranchers to get Web-based information on the quality and quantity of forage plants …

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