PrecisionAg Institute Says

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PrecisionAg InstituteI know we’ve already mentioned some findings from the PrecisionAg Institute about whether precision agriculture pays. I had an opportunity to talk with K. Elliott Nowels, who authored a report for the Institute titled, “Precision Powers Profit” (pdf file) to learn more about what they did find.

First of all they found that 80% of farmers who use precision are making more money. In other words, precision really does pay. He says that they found that farmers using precision not only make more profit but they also produce higher yields. They also talked to growers who don’t use precision and found that cost and complexity are the two main barriers for them.

He says there’s three things growers should keep in mind about precision agriculture technology. 1. It’s a more efficient crop production system; 2. You’ll find yourself producing more and making more money; and 3. Because of an increasing amount of environmental scrutiny it shows that you’re becoming a better steward of the land.

You can listen to my interview with Elliott here: Listen To MP3 File Elliott Nowels Interview (4 minute MP3)

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