Precision Pays Podcast: Technology Meets Dirt Road

Meghan Grebner

 Ag Leader Technology launched their Technology Meets Dirt Road Tour in June.  Michael Vos, dealer development manager for Ag Leader Technology, says growers had the opportunity to get their hands on the equipment during the field demonstrations after they heard about it from the experts. In this Precision Pays Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology, we’ll learn more about the what growers took home …

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Precision Pays Podcast: Why biotechnology is the answer

Meghan Grebner

Global food security is a huge concern. But what is the answer to feeding that growing population?  During the American Seed Trade Association’s annual meeting in June, World Food Prize Laureate Dr. Gebisa Ejeta, professor of plant breeding at Purdue, told attendees that biotechnology is part of that solution to feeding a hungry world. In this Precision Pays Podcast, sponsored …

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Precision Pays Podcast: Protecting your grain

Meghan Grebner

When I think about the importance of using technology in agriculture today, the systems used for planting, harvesting, and even crop scouting are some of the first things that come to mind.  But what about after you’ve planted and harvested that crop and you have it stored on your farm? In this Precision Pays Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology, we’ll …

Corn, Precision Pays Podcast, Soybeans, technology Podcast: The Great American Wheat Harvest

Meghan Grebner

Custom harvesters are big users of precision technologies.  A recently released documentary follows several custom harvesters and shows how wheat makes it from the field to the bread on your dinner table. In this Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology, we’ll get an update from director Conrad Weaver on The Great American Wheat Harvest and thoughts from the stars of the movie as well. …

Farmers, Harvesting, Precision Pays Podcast, wheat Podcast: The Big Data revolution

Meghan Grebner

“Big Data” is one of the hottest topics at just about any farm meeting.  Some of the questions that surround its use focus on who owns it and how it should be used. Data editor for The Economist Ken Cukier says as technology advances farmers are able to monitor their farms more efficiently and effectively.  But there are questions remains …

Data Collection, Precision Pays Podcast, technology Podcast: The more you know

Meghan Grebner

Part of the beauty of trade shows is checking out all the new technologies that are available for your farm.  The tough part – is figuring out which ones can actually provide a return on investment.  I caught up with Indiana farmer Mike Beard this week at Commodity Classic to find out about some of the “things” he was checking …

GMO, Monsanto, Precision Pays Podcast, technology, yields Podcast: Know your soils

Meghan Grebner

Knowing your soils could be the difference between an average crop and a bumper crop.  Neal Kinsey,  a soil fertility specialist from Charleston, Missouri says sometimes the problem isn’t that there aren’t enough nutrients – but there are too many.  And that could restrict a crop’s yield. In this Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology, we’ll take a look at …

Ag Leader, Precision Pays Podcast, Soil Sampling, technology, yields Podcast: Looking ahead to 2014

Meghan Grebner

As we head into 2014 all indications show that farmers won’t see the record high prices they’ve been experiencing in recent years. David Lynn, senior vice-president of financial services for Farm Credit Mid-America says that will change how farmers plan for the coming years. In this Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology, we’ll take a look at what could be …

Ag Leader, Farmers, Financing, Precision Pays Podcast Podcast: A new driver for demand

Meghan Grebner

For the first time in history – income will have a greater influence on food security than population.  During the Taming Agricultural Risks meeting at the Chicago Federal Reserve, Purdue Extension agricultural economist Dr. Mike Boehlje said growth in terms of incomes is critical to the long-term growth of agriculture. In this Podcast, sponsored by Ag Leader Technology, we’ll take …

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Precision.AgWired Podcast: Why technology is a good thing

Meghan Grebner

Big farms or small farms?  Does using technology in agriculture mean its bad?  These are just some of the questions consumers are trying to find answers to when it comes to agriculture and food production. During the recent Food Dialogues event in Boston, there were a lot of different types of farming operations represented – but the one common theme that came …

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