Ag Leader Wants You to Know About the Value of Data

Joanna Schroeder

Why should we care about data I asked Tyler Anderson with Ag Leader during the 2014 Iowa Power Farming Show. Anderson said we should care about data. So I asked the next logical question, “How do we know if it worked?”. “We can check to make sure the data worked by reading the information we’ve recorded out in the field …

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Ag Leader’s Luke Bunkers on Water Management

Joanna Schroeder

Water management. An ongoing issue for growers across the country and around the world. To learn more about some of the big water management issues in agriculture, I turned to Luke Bunkers with Ag Leader who spent some time with me during the 2014 Iowa Power Farming Show. Today with input costs and costs of fertilizer and seed being as …

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Head to the Clouds with Ag Leader’s AgFiniti

Joanna Schroeder

The big trend in the data world these days is the “cloud”. The cloud is a way to store your data in a safe, secure place and have access to it anywhere you may be. Ag Leader recently headed to the “clouds” with their new AgFiniti precision technology and to learn more, I spoke with Kaleb Lindquist during the 2014 …

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Let Ag Leader’s Compass Guide You

Joanna Schroeder

Ag Leader introduced the Compass display last fall during the Farm Progress Show and in the few months it’s been available, it has seen great success. To learn more about the technology, I spoke with Josh Rasmusson with Ag Leader during the 2014 Iowa Power Farming Show. He explained that the Compass display is their new, high-definition, 7 inch touch …

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Study: NutriSphere-N Protects Against Volatilization

John Davis

A new study from the University of Missouri finds that an SFP product guards against nitrogen loss. SFP, one of the attendees at this year’s Iowa Power Farming Show, says NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager (NN®), when added to urea, protects against against volatilization … especially important in drought years: The study was conducted by David Dunn, Soil Labs Manager at …

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Record Opening Day at Iowa Power Farming Show

Cindy Zimmerman

The first day of the Iowa Power Farming Show this week drew a record 11,185 visitors, and attendance was still strong on Wednesday despite the weather. The show is still open until 3 pm today. The great attendance is the main reason why Ag Leader Technology is a premier sponsor at the event, according to sales manager Mike Olsen. “It’s …

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