Study: NutriSphere-N Protects Against Volatilization

John DavisAg Leader, IA Power Farming Show

sfpA new study from the University of Missouri finds that an SFP product guards against nitrogen loss. SFP, one of the attendees at this year’s Iowa Power Farming Show, says NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager (NN®), when added to urea, protects against against volatilization … especially important in drought years:

The study was conducted by David Dunn, Soil Labs Manager at the Universityʼs Fisher Delta Research Center, and was a continuation of his 2010 research. He analyzed how different nitrogen stabilizers work to help reduce nitrogen loss compared with untreated urea applications.

Dunn observed that when significant rainfall did not occur within five to seven days of nitrogen application, NutriSphere-N clearly reduced the amount of ammonia lost. Within a 41-day period, plain urea lost four times as much nitrogen as the urea treated with NutriSphere-N (375.42 ppm ammonia for untreated urea compared to 84.17 ppm for

“This University of Missouri research proves the long lasting nitrogen protection that NutriSphere-N delivers to farmers,” says Dr. Larry Sanders, president and CEO of SFP®, which developed, manufactures and distributes NutriSphere-N.

SFP officials say up to half of nitrogen loss can be attributed to volatilization, denitrification and
leaching. More information is available at

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