Pacific Ag Converts Biomass to Dollars for Growers

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Last week Abengoa’s cellulosic ethanol biorefinery went online and is expected to produce 25 million gallons of advanced ethanol per year as well as 21 MW of bioenergy. But how exactly does the corn and wheat residue get from the fields to the biorefinery in a economical and efficient way? Enter Pacific Ag. The company was founded by Bill Levy …

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Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram Awarded 2014 World Food Prize

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Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram was awarded the 2014 World Food Prize was awarded on World Food Day, October 16, 2014. A wheat breeder who has developed more than 400 varieties of the crop, he was born in a small village in India and is now citizen of Mexico. Dr. Rajaram conducted the majority of his research in Mexico at the International …

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Solution to End World Hunger: GMOs

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A new report, “The Future of Farming and Rise of Biotechnology,” finds decreasing regulations on genetically modified crops (GMOs) could be a valuable strategy in combating global hunger. The report was released by the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA). NCPA Research Associate David Weisser notes that Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug’s use of biotechnology has been credited with saving …

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Ag Sales Experts Join Verdesian Life Science

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Verdesian Life Sciences has increased its sales staff with the hiring of four sales experts: Bob Bischoff, John Henize, Brad Meckle and Mark Seipel who will join Verdesian as regional sales managers. The new team members will help to drive sales growth and support relationships with key customers in the plant nutrition, seed treatment and inoculants product categories. “As we …

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LBIS Takes Precision Ag to a New Level

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Science is fun. Let me explain. During the Vedesian Life Sciences Los Alamos Media Tour we learned about a cool soil sampling technology coined Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LBIS). In an attempt to not use to much technical jargon, LBIS is a focused pulse laser beam that generates a microplasma (think spec or dot). From here, the emission from the plasma …

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Ag Innovations Abound at Los Alamos Nat’l Lab

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I recently had the opportunity to spend some time at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). While the federal lab’s main mission is military defense, many innovations can be reimagined to work well in agriculture. To learn more about going from the lab to the field, I spoke with John Mott, technical writer for LANL. Mott first started at LANL …

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Science, Education Core Missions for Verdesian

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Verdesian has a mission as part of being a science-based company. And part of that mission is education – education of both journalists and farmers. To learn more about why this is so important, I spoke with Michael Berry, senior marketing manager with Verdesian, who hosted about half a dozen ag media at Los Alamos National Laboratory. As Berry succinctly …

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From Lab to Field – Verdesian’s Technological Journey

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I recently had the opportunity to learn about Verdesian’s philosophy of how they take technologies and customize them to agriculture. I should take a step back and mention that Verdesian has a strong relationship with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in the process of taking their defense research and “spinning it off” for agricultural applications. As Nigel Grech, executive vice …

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How Verdesian has Filled an ‘NP & K’ Void

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Verdesian Life Sciences is a plant health plant nutrition company. According to CEO and founder JJ Grow, from the start their plan was to create a portfolio of companies that had really good technology focused on nitrogen and phosphorous efficiencies as well as delivery systems, elicitors and innocolents. Or “things that help fixate nitrogen”. Beginning in 2011 when Grow was …

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Global Water Event to Unveil Global Yield Gap Report

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On October, 20, 2014 at 7:30 am PT, a new crop analysis will be unveiled. The results of the six-year collaborative research project, “The Global Yield Gap and Water Productivity Atlas,” will be shared. The Atlas is designed to help farmers policy makers, foundations and private sector organizations identify regions with the greatest potential to sustainably produce more food with …

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