Precision Myth Busting #2

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Here is the second myth busted by precision farming specialist Raj Khosla with Colorado State University in CSU’s May-July Agronomy Newsletter. MYTH 2: Precision farming is too difficult to implement Khosla says it’s not the physical implementation of precision farming that’s difficult, it’s opening one’s mind to change. “There is a steep learning curve with precision farming. But, once in … Read More

Precision Myth Busting #1

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Soil and crop science associate professor Raj Khosla with Colorado State University recently busted a few myths about precision farming in an article for CSU’s Agronomy Newsletter. MYTH 1: Precision farming is grid sampling While it is true that grid sampling was among the first few methods that the precision farming community (i.e., early adaptors) used to develop variability maps … Read More

Precision Resources

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Here’s an online university resource site for precision agriculture information. It’s Cornell University. Here’s the link to their current Department of Crop and Soil Sciences. Precision agriculture technologies offer many exciting opportunities for more profitable and environmentally compatible farming. Since 1997 the Department of Crop and Soil Science at Cornell University has worked to established a multidisciplinary research and extension … Read More

Auto-Steer Compliments Skip-Row Farming

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Specialized farming practices paired with specialized farming technology can mean “special” results for farmers if you ask Robert Klein. Robert is an Extension Cropping Systems Specialist with the University of Nebraska in North Platte. He says when it comes to seeding and planting plots for crop performance evaluation, using GPS-RTK Auto Steering technology with skip-row planting methods can boost yields. … Read More

FutureFarm and a Field of Robots

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Dr. Simon Blackmore says he has his sights set on the future of agriculture. Not many could doubt that after considering the extensive breadth of research and development the world-renowned agriculturist continually applies to his work in precision farming. Simon was a leading speaker at the 9th International Conference on Precision Agriculture, sharing his expertise on two main fronts: FutureFarm … Read More

Precision Agriculture Academy

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Students have an opportunity to learn about precision agriculture this summer. Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee is hosting the “Summer Academy for Advanced Technologies: Precision Agriculture” from June 8 – 13 for Oklahoma students in eighth, ninth and tenth grades. Academy students will explore precision agriculture technologies including the use of GIS (Geographic Information systems), GPS (Global Positioning systems) and their applications … Read More

Precision Ag Research in Missouri

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Earlier this year I did a post about research being done by USDA-ARS and University of Missouri extension on precision agriculture. I had a chance to talk with MU extension ag engineer Kent Shannon about their research work and how they are proving that precision really does pay. Listen to my interview with Kent here. Kent Shannon (7:30 min mp3)

Precision Agriculture in the News

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We’re going to publish a regular post called, “Precision Agriculture in the News” to point you to stories we find. That’s part of what will make a good aggregator of information for you. Since we took a look last week at some precision ag progress in Japan we’ll turn to another country this week, Australia. From a story on … Read More