Popularity of Drone Tech Growing

Jamie JohansenAgribusiness, drone, UAS, UAV

The discussion of drones in the ag world is at an all time high. Universities across the country are conducting research of all kinds enabling more opportunities. However, those in the agricultural community are not the only ones interested in investing in the future of drone technology. USA Today reported that ten news media companies partnered with Virginia Tech to … Read More

FAA Grants Ag Drone Exemption

Cindy Zimmermandrone, Government, UAS, UAV

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) this week granted a regulatory exemption for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations for agricultural applications. The agency awarded the exemption to Advanced Aviation Solutions in Star, Idaho to use a fixed-wing eBee Ag UAS to make photographic measurements and perform crop scouting for precision agriculture. At the same tim, the agency gave an exemptions to … Read More

Feds Approve Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Exemptions

John DavisAerial Application, Aerial Imagery, Agribusiness, Aviation, Government, UAS, UAV

In what could be a real boon for agricultural applications, the federal government has granted five regulatory exemptions for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations to four companies. This Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) news release says the exemptions will benefit those using the aircraft for aerial surveying, among other jobs. “Unmanned aircraft offer a tremendous opportunity to spur innovation and economic … Read More

Trimble Obtains Exemption to Operate UAS

Jamie JohansenAerial Imagery, Agribusiness, Trimble, UAS, UAV

Trimble announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted an exemption that will allow the company to conduct commercial operation of its Trimble® UX5 Aerial Imaging Solution in the U.S. The exemption was granted pursuant to Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, which authorizes the FAA to grant exemptions from FAA rules limiting commercial … Read More

AgEagle RAPID Delivers Automation and Accuracy

Jamie JohansenAerial Imagery, Agribusiness, Aviation, UAS, UAV

AgEagle, LLC., announced a groundbreaking advancement in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) automation and post-flight data processing via its new AgEagle RAPID, the most advanced and comprehensive UAV operations management system specifically developed for professional agronomists and crop consultants. Imagine heading out into the field carrying only the AgEagle flying wing and your tablet or smartphone. AgEagle launches automatically and begins … Read More

UAV Update from Sunbelt Ag Expo

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The 2014 Sunbelt Ag Expo is well underway and our friend Randall Weiseman, Southeast AgNet, spoke with Miles Thompson, Robotics, Research and Test Engineer with the Georgia Tech Research Institute. He shared the latest on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) at their special exhibit during the event. Miles believes unmanned aerial vehicles are here to stay. He said the early adopters … Read More

Entira Announces Research Projects on UAS & Precision Ag

Jamie JohansenAerial Imagery, Agribusiness, UAS

Smart devices, soil testers, climate sensors, and countless other types of decision support tools are becoming mainstays in traditional farm operations. Perhaps the most groundbreaking of all precision ag tools are unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and the intrigue of putting drone technology to work on the farm has the whole industry buzzing. Entira, a marketing and management consulting firm for … Read More

Drones Take Center Stage at IDEAg Dakotafest

Jamie JohansenAerial Imagery, Agribusiness, UAS, UAV

Day 2 of the IDEAg Dakotafest show will focus on the latest technological break-through in agriculture: drones. The IDEAg Group is teaming up with Measure, A 32 Advisors Company, to discuss Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and their uses in the field, and to display a sophisticated device, the ScanEagle from Boeing/Insitu. Measure will begin Wednesday August 20th at 7:30 a.m. … Read More