Auto-Steer Compliments Skip-Row Farming

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Specialized farming practices paired with specialized farming technology can mean “special” results for farmers if you ask Robert Klein. Robert is an Extension Cropping Systems Specialist with the University of Nebraska in North Platte. He says when it comes to seeding and planting plots for crop performance evaluation, using GPS-RTK Auto Steering technology with skip-row planting methods can boost yields. … Read More

Farming for the Future

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Simon Blackmore is changing the future of farming with his Unibots project (see post), but he’s also farming for the future with the European project Future Farm. But, Simon says, the project is all about implementing the technologies of today: “The purpose of Future Farm is to take a lot of the technologies and processes that we’ve been developing in … Read More

Precision Works for Farmers

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We’ve featured various articles from the Precision Agriculture Institute here on and that’s because we’ve recognized just how committed the independent media company is to precision agriculture. The time and research the institutes’s journalists pour into the study of precision technology and the stories they publish on is extensive. That’s why it’s safe to say that the institute … Read More

Hand-Harvested is now Precision Harvested with John Deere

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Tracking labor performance and product quality now comes at the touch of a button… or the flash of a scan rather. The all-in-one Labor Performance and Product Quality Management Systems, one of the newest products from John Deere Agri Services, boasts unmatched data collection for hand-harvested crops. The hand-held device measures crew output and productivity, harvest performance, and crop quality, … Read More

10-Year Precision Veteran

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Agriculture Online’s Crop Tech Tour caught up with John Deere Ag Management Systems Consultant Todd Zimmerman in Auburn, Nebraska. Todd was visiting Arlin Aufenkamp, a farmer who has been using precision farming technology for 10 years. Todd says Arlin started off with mapping technology on his combine, moved to auto steer and has now added auto shut-offs on his sprayers … Read More

More Control with Swath Control Pro

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Swath Control Pro is getting more popular with growers every season. Kirk Swihart says that’s because the technology reduces overlap and helps farmers improve their input costs. Kirk is the Technical Assistant Supervisor with John Deere. He reminds growers that all 4000 series sprayers are compatible with the Swath Control Pro. He says growers do need John Deere’s StarFire application … Read More

Ames Remote Provides Precision Links

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Ames Remote describes itself this way: “Welcome to the free worldwide Internet link to remote sensing information and services with an emphasis on precision agriculture.” It has links to some interesting and useful sites you might want to check out.