Research Collaboration at FMC

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FMC Corporation recently announced a major investment in agricultural product research and development over the next three years, including a state-of-the-art upgrade at the company’s Global Research and Development headquarters in Newark, Delaware. The company also has innovation centers in Europe, Asia and Latin America, as well as research field stations here in the U.S. at Rochelle, Illinois and Madera, California.

At the 2019 Ag Media Summit, FMC Field Development Representative Scott Swanson talked about how FMC coordinates local and global research projects to develop new chemistries for specific grower issues. “It really opens up the opportunity to develop certain chemistries,” said Swanson. “We have opportunities in Asia, Latin America and all across the globe.”

Swanson provides more information in this interview which you can watch below or listen to here: IFAJ/AMS19 Interview with Scott Swanson, FMC

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