Precision Ag Bytes 7/17

AgWired Precision, Precision Ag Bytes

  • Andrew Pylypchuk has joined TerrAvion as Vice President of Enterprise Sales.
  • The integration of TerrAvion high-resolution imagery in the Farm Dog mobile scouting app gives agronomists a way to effortlessly view your TerrAvion data layers on your phone or tablet while you are in the field scouting.
  • Applied GeoSolutions, the Conservation Technology Information Center and The Nature Conservancy haverelease of regional-scale data from the Operational Tillage Information System (OpTIS), a new tool that has the potential to unlock conservation solutions for a variety of food and agricultural supply chain stakeholders.
  • The challenges and opportunities of implementing a new biotechnology regulation review process will be the topic of the Farm Foundation® Forum on Tuesday, July 23, 2019.
  • Evogene Ltd., a leading biotechnology company developing novel products for life science markets, announces that after achieving positive results, its corn disease resistance research collaboration with the Crop Science Division of Bayer is being refocused on the identification of genome editing targets for evaluation against a broad range of corn diseases.
  • Triangle Plant Sciences, a division of Verdesian Life Sciences of Cary, NC, has announced a partnership with MustGrow Biologics Corp. of Saskatoon, SK, to offer exclusive Canada and global access to TPS’s TP-1000, the first product in a suite of researched hydroponic technology offerings.
  • Certis USA announced new citrus canker fighting technology to combat bacterial diseases and antibiotic resistance in citrus. AgriPhage™ Citrus Canker is the only citrus canker product to use bacteriophages, also known as “bacteria eaters”.
  • Four innovative startups have been selected to participate in the AgLaunch and Knoxville Entrepreneur Center agtech bootcamp this week being held on the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture campus in Knoxville.
  • Nufarm Americas announced plans to showcase Trunemco nematode management technology and more Nufarm-exclusive solutions at Ag PhD Field Day in Baltic, SD, on July 25, 2019. Trunemco, launched earlier this year, is a new seed-applied nematode management technology that provides a leading level of protection and higher yield profiles in soybeans, cotton and corn. The patented dual defense is available to add nematode management efficacy and consistency to seed treatment programs for Crop Year 2020.
  • Mycogen Seeds offers three considerations to help farmers get the most out of their crops this fall: don’t skimp on your inputs plan; watch stalk quality; and be prepared for a premature frost before drydown.
  • West Central has developed a new broadcast fertilizer additive, Trivar™, designed to maximize phosphate fertilizer by increasing the availability of phosphorus and other key nutrients.
  • GMO Answers has put together a handy new video for you to share in your networks showing which crops are GMO and when they came to market. And no, there is no GMO wheat on the market, no GMO strawberries, no GMO watermelon, and definitely no GMO tomatoes on the market today.
  • The National Cotton Council is grateful for EPA’s decision granting use on cotton of sulfoxaflor (commercially known as Transform©) – a uniquely designed insecticide that targets piercing/sucking insect pests such as aphids and plant bugs.