Precision Ag Bytes 6/5

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  • To better interpret site specific soil data, yield and remote imagery data, A&L Laboratories has launched TerraSiteRx™ analytics platform. This platform provides ag retailers and crop consultants analytical tools and algorithms to gain deeper insights from farm data resulting in more profitable decision making.
  • Cargill and the Soil Health Institute have announced a new partnership to assess, demonstrate and communicate the economics of soil health management systems across North America.
  • At the annual ISF World Seed Congress, on June 3-5, Phenome Networks, a premier plant breeding software company, and Delair, a leading supplier of commercial drone solutions, will present their strategic collaboration to offer a combined system to accelerate plant breeding and variety testing.
  • The Partnership for Ag Resource Management (PARM), a project of the IPM Institute of North America, has been surveying ag retail locations since 2012 on adoption rates of products and services that benefit both the environment as well as ag retail and customer pocket books. Ninety ag retail locations representing over 5.3 million acres in the Great Lakes and Upper Mississippi River Basins participated in PARM’s 2018 season products and services survey. Participants reduced an estimated 6.4 million pounds of total phosphorus, 1.2 million pounds of dissolved reactive phosphorus and 60 million pounds of total nitrogen. Find the report here.
  • Farmwave‘s mission is to transform the world’s agricultural information into AI data models that power decision-making and preserve the future of farming. While Farmwave will continue to work with large organizations, cooperatives, and other agriculture technology companies to bring their patent-pending C.O.R.E (cloud optimized recognition engine), to their own tech and customers, Farmwave is now open to the rest of the world. Visit to sign up and give Farmwave a try.
  • Vermeer Corporation has been named as a 2019 Dealer’s Choice Award recipient by Equipment Dealers Association within the Shortline Manufacturer category. This is the fifth time in the last seven years that Vermeer has received this recognition.