Alltech Accelerator 1 – Biome Makers

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Biome Makers is one of eight startup companies participating in the Pearse Lyons Accelerator run by Alltech and Dogpatch Labs. The agri-tech accelerator aims to address a diverse set of challenges facing agriculture today. California-based Biome Makers is using DNA sequencing to profile the whole spectrum of microbes living in the soil, according to Adrian Ferraro, co-founder and CEO.

“The goal that we have is really help growers to choose the right products for their soil needs. The first thing we are doing is to unveil what the soil needs at different levels,” said Ferraro.

Ferraro said customers order a sample kit that directs them how to sample the soil for microbes, and then send that sample back to the lab. Results are available via an online tool including downloadable PDF files in less than three weeks time. He said discovering the microbial diversity of the soil is the first step. Analyzing available products comes next, and looking at nutritional pathways to connect soil needs with the right products is the final step. Ferraro said a new layer of qualitative data will help growers to optimize expenses by reducing inputs or spending smarter.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Adrian here: Interview with Adrian Ferraro, Biome Makers

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