CropLife America Supports Science Behind Glyphosate

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CropLife America president and CEO Chris Novak is hopeful that science will prevail in the end when it comes to legal and regulatory challenges to products such as glyphosate.

“The thing that we can rely upon is the science conducted by, not just the U.S. regulatory agencies, …but most all of our chemistries are approved and in use in countries around the world,” said Novak in an interview at the Agri-Pulse Ag and Food Policy Summit this week in Washington DC. “When you start to take a look at the safety profile of glyphosate, there’s a strong story to be told.”

CropLife America was a major sponsor of the Agri-Pulse summit. Listen to my interview with Chris here: Agri-Pulse 2019 Summit Interview with Chris Novak, CropLife America