ForwardFarming with Bayer

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One of the topics discussed at the 2019 Bayer Agvocacy Forum was the company’s ForwardFarming initiative, which partners with exemplary farmers from around the globe to host field days where influencers can see what sustainable agriculture looks like in practice. Bayer Project Manager for the U.S. ForwardFarming Initiative Becky Langer said the events provide opportunities to learn what sustainability looks like to different farmers. That looks different for a Midwest corn farmer than it does for a California vegetable farmer. Technology in agriculture is also a hot topic.

“I think one of the greatest takeaways is there are a lot of questions about digital ag and artificial intelligence,” said Langer. “We know that our farmers are doing that, and for them it almost becomes routine because they’re working it day to day. They have to continue to generate that excitement to the outside audiences and helping to explain what that means and how they are utilizing it in their every day operations.”

Langer said the program currently works from a farm in Rock Hall, Maryland, and Bayer will launch additional locations in California and the Midwest in the coming year.

Listen to Kristin’s interview with Becky here: Interview with Becky Langer, Bayer

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