Luke Perry’s Ties to Farming and Biodiesel

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Luke Perry is being eulogized for many reasons upon his sudden passing this week at the age of 52, but not so much about his rural background and his support of biodiesel.

Back in 2006, Luke Perry showed up at the National Biodiesel Conference in San Diego sporting an FFA jacket with his name on it and talked about the agriculture influence in his early life and how he was converted to biodiesel by actress Daryl Hannah.

“My neighbors growing up farmed soybeans and I used to work in the bean fields, I’m from Ohio, you know,” said Perry, during an informal press conference with Hannah. He admitted that he was not an FFA member in high school and called it “one of the biggest regrets” of his life.

“I thought I could escape the farmer in me,” said Perry. “When I got to the point where I could live anywhere in the world that I wanted, what did I do, I bought land and cows and a tractor. Because you can’t escape who you are.”

Perry was very enthusiastic and informed about biodiesel in the press conference. Listen here: 2006 National Biodiesel Conference presser with Luke Perry and Daryl Hannah

2006 was the first biodiesel conference on the Biodiesel Conference Blog and it also featured Willie Nelson.