Precision Ag Bytes 2/27

AgWired Precision, Precision Ag Bytes

  • Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. announced that Dr. Pamela Marrone, founder and CEO of MBI, was honored this week with the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award by BioAg World and Bionema, a leading biopesticide product testing and technology development company.
  • Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. also announced that Venerate® CG has been approved for use in California.
  • This week marks 15-years in business for the ag software company, Agrian Inc.
  • The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers has named The Praxidyn Mixmate Fusion a winner of a 2019 AE50 award.
  • Registration for the 2019 Water for Food Global Conference is now open. The conference theme is “Water for a Hungry World: Innovation in Water and Food Security,” focusing on the next generation of research, smart technology, policy development and best practices that are achieving breakthroughs in this vitally important mission.
  • The Conservation Technology Information Center is seeking applicants interested in serving as its new Executive Director. Applications are due by 5:00 pm Eastern time on Friday, March 1. For more information or to submit an application, click here or visit