Inari Introduces the World’s First Seed Foundry

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Inari, a Flagship Pioneering company, recently announced the world’s first Seed Foundry as part of the company’s mission to reintroduce genetic diversity and challenge the seed industry with a shorter, lower-cost and more precise product development cycle

Inari aims to revolutionize plant breeding by merging the latest technologies with leading-edge data analysis tools to bring top-performing plants to market faster with the aim of cutting breeding time by two-thirds and cutting development costs by up to 90 percent. Inari also plans to combine biology, agronomy, data science and software engineering to make innovative breakthroughs by working with seed company partners.

Purdue Research Park business complex, in West Lafayette, Indiana, will be the location for the Cambridge-based Inari to fuel its product development with its proximity to the seed industry and the Purdue University College of Agriculture. Inari’s total 26,000 square feet at Purdue Research Park will include office space, lab and a 6,000-square-foot greenhouse complex. Growing the Inari team, currently at 65 people, the team based out of Research Park will add another 50 people by 2023 and consist primarily of scientists and product development teams.

We caught up with Inari VP of Digital and Strategy Matthew Perkins at the recent ASTA 2018 CSS and Seed Expo to learn more about this new development with the company. ASTACSS18 Interview with Matthew Perkins, Inari

Earlier this year, we interviewed Inari CEO Ponsi Trivisvavet and VP of Communications Julie Borlaug about the company’s goals to transform agriculture.