FMC Wins Big at Agrow Awards

AgWired Precision, Crop Protection, FMC

FMC Corporation took top honors in several categories at the 2018 Agrow Awards, an international competition honoring the top advancements in agriculture.

FMC won Best R&D Pipeline and Best Application Technology for its at-plant 3RIVE 3D® application system. In addition, Dr. William E. Barnette, retired director of Discovery Chemistry for FMC, was recognized with the prestigious Agrow Lifetime Achievement Award.

Over his 30-year career with FMC and DuPont Crop Protection, Dr. Barnette has been an industry leader in identifying new crop protection active ingredient development candidates.

Dr. Kathleen Shelton, FMC chief technology officer and vice president, said the company is honored to be recognized for its crop protection discovery research which is critically important to helping farmers produce an abundant and safe food supply for a growing world population. “Our R&D pipeline is focused on new active ingredients and new modes of action to address growers’ insect, disease and weed challenges around the world, including resistant pests, which are a serious threat to crop production.”

Rick Ekins, FMC Precision Platforms lead, accepted the award for FMC’s patent-pending 3RIVE 3D® application system, designed to deliver low volumes of crop protection solutions to the furrow during planting. Currently used in corn and soybeans, 3RIVE 3D technology is being tested in sugar beets, cotton, dry beans, sunflowers and more. New 3RIVE 3D formulated products are in development, like Ethos® 3D insecticide/fungicide just introduced to the market this month.