Agronomic Trials Help BASF Match Varieties to Farmers

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>BASF has a cottonseed variety lineup that offers growers a range of varieties to fit their fields and farming management practices, and they also have an agronomic performance trials program to help farmers find the best one for their farm.

Cody Mull, BASF Agronomy Information Specialist, says the program helps them evaluate data from different growing regions and conditions all over the country. “What we can learn from these trials is how to grow a certain variety in a certain region,” said Mull. “We can actually nail down a little closer to the farmer what varieties he needs to be planting and we can make those recommendations knowing that we stand on good ground that what we say is true.”

Mull talked about the performance trials during a recent field day at the BASF Cotton Breeding Station in Lubbock, Texas. – Interview with Cody Mull, Agronomy Information Specialist