Bayer Crop Science President Talks Glyphosate

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Glyphosate was on the table as U.S. agricultural journalists attending the Bayer Future of Farming event in Germany had the chance to sit down with Liam Condon, Bayer AG Board of Management member and Crop Science division president.

It was the very end of a very long day and Condon was able to joke about the jury verdict that came out a week before Day One of the new company formed with the acquisition of Monsanto by Bayer. Comparing August 21 to opening up gifts on Christmas, Condon said the verdict was a “gift they hadn’t asked for” like a sweater they really don’t want to wear, but now they just have to deal with it.

“Our position is unequivocal” regarding the safety of glyphosate, said Condon. “Any product we sell has got to be safe.”

Moving forward, Condon says he is just excited about the potential of the new company.

Listen to Condon’s comments here: Interview with Bayer President Crop Science Liam Condon

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