Deere-Granular Develops Profit Maps Farm Management Tool

AgWired Precision, John Deere, technology

The John Deere-Granular product development and marketing collaboration has introduced Profit Maps, a free tool to help farmers view average cost, revenue and profit map layers at the sub-field level now available in the John Deere Operations Center.

Brad Silva, product manager with John Deere, adds, “Technology advancements have helped farmers to turn variability across their fields into opportunities to improve their profitability. Profit Maps helps farmers see the financial impact of those decisions so that they can fine-tune their management practices.”

Profit Maps is the first release of a multi-phased approach from the Deere and Granular collaboration. Farmers in the U.S. can opt-in to Profit Maps by clicking the Granular Profit Maps icon on the tools menu in the Operations Center. From there, they can view average cost, revenue and profit maps in the Operations Center’s Field Analyzer tool.

For more information on the new Profit Maps and other business management tools available through John Deere and Granular, contact your local John Deere dealer or visit and