Precision Ag Bytes 9/12

AgWired Precision, Precision Ag Bytes

  • The University of Missouri and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center announced that The Ohio State University professor R. Keith Slotkin, and Iowa State professor Bing Yang, have been appointed to joint faculty positions at MU and the Danforth Center.
  • Raven Industries and Topcon Agriculture, announced a licensing agreement for Topcon Agriculture’s use of the Slingshot Application Programming Interface in its various software platforms.
  • The A & L research agronomy team has developed and launched VitTellussm Soil Health, next generation Soil Health Test and recommendation package to help farmers and crop consultants make more informed decisions on application of nutrients, and managing and improving their soil. The VitTellus Soil Health test is available worldwide and can be accessed through the VitTellus website.
  • HELM Agro US, Inc. has received EPA registration for FEARLESS® and FEARLESS® XTRA herbicides, two acetochlor-based weed control tools for corn.
  • Syngenta announced the release of 32 new NK® corn hybrids for the 2019 growing season, further revitalizing the brand’s corn product lineup to support farmers.
  • Soil experts Ray Archuleta, Dave Brandt, Gabe Brown and Allen Williams, Ph.D. have teamed up to help other producers practically and successfully apply soil health-focused, regenerative agriculture systems through their new venture, Soil Health Consultants, LLC.