GROWMARK Collaborates with NRCS on Sustainability

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A Memorandum of Understanding between GROWMARK and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is yet another way the agricultural cooperative is showing a commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

“Our goal, or our vision, is to help to enhance the relationship and the knowledge of NRCS and our local FS team members at the local level,” said Liz Hobart, GROWMARK government relations manager.

GROWMARK will continue to provide strong agronomic advice to growers at the farm gate, while collaborating with NRCS experts to ensure the best conservation practices are followed in order to protect natural resources on the farm. The national memorandum was signed in January 2018, followed by another memorandum in the state of Iowa, where the partnership is beginning.

Hobart said the two groups are working closely together on things like training and communication, streamlining those processes wherever possible. They plan to expand and replicate the program in other states once it is well established in Iowa.

“I think as you look at some of the issues that are facing our farmers today, I think it’s very important collaboration,” said Hobart. “Partnerships, consistent messaging, science-based messaging are very important to our growers. So I think we are seeing that success, raising that awareness with our growers and helping them to be more profitable and recognizing that things are changing.”

She said GROWMARK is committed to stewardship and sustainability, helping farmers to protect assets and resources they have and helping them to achieve that sustainably.

Listen to Carrie’s interview with Liz Hobart here: Interview with Liz Hobart, GROWMARK