Precision Ag Bytes 6/13

AgWired Precision, Precision Ag Bytes

  • Lindsay Corporation and Farmers Edge have announced a partnership that will deliver an unmatched suite of ag tech and digital agronomy solutions for their customers. This collaboration between Lindsay Corporation and Farmers Edge provides farmers with a simple solution to easily access field-centric data and deep insights they need to make informed decisions and get the most out of every acre.
  • The Soil Health Institute seeks up to six scientists and a statistician/database manager to join the Soil Health Institute team. The professionals will assist in the evaluation of soil health indicators at long-term agricultural experimental sites across North America.
  • The Soil Health Institute has released the Agenda for its Third Annual Meeting, August 1-3 in Albuquerque. National and international leaders will address such contemporary topics as achieving corporate sustainability goals and environmental markets through soil health, recent advances in understanding the soil microbiome, links between soil health and human health, federal and state policies for advancing soil health, enhancing research-farmer connections for greater adoption, and others. Click here to register.
  • Broadgnss announced at the 9th China Satellite Navigation Conference a new high precision satellite position receiver with patented RAC (Real-time Array Calibration)technology. It features positioning accuracy closer than one meter (up to 10cm) by receiving only single frequency (GPS L1) satellite signals, the RAC technology in high precision satellite positioning which frees the dependence on traditional augmentation network and significantly reduces the cost, making way for high precision satellite positioning in large-scale applications.
  • AgbioInvestor announces that subscriptions are now available to its AgbioCrop and AgbioSeed services. In addition to these reports, AgbioInvestor’s range of services also includes sigma Select and AgbioNews.
  • Midwestern BioAg has launched a wholesale and ag retail sales strategy through a partnership with Vivid Life Sciences. Vivid has an extensive wholesale and ag retail distribution network and together the two companies will introduce the TerraNu Nutrient Technology products throughout the United States.
  • Agrian has added a new feature to its field scouting app – a pest trap counting solution. The new functionality will allow for more automated and seamless information sharing, empowering field staff, agronomic advisors and growers to easily monitor activity and look at aggregated data to make decisions on the fly as it relates to pest threats. The upgrade is already available and ready for immediate use to all current Agrian scouting clients.