Welcome to ‘The New FMC’

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FMC is now the fourth largest chemical producer in the world after its purchase of assets from DuPont back in November. That gives the company a much larger reach globally, and particularly in the United States, said John Kasper, U.S. Commercial Director for FMC.

“It is the new FMC. We’re much larger. We’re on a wider range of crops and within those crops we have an increased portfolio, so it truly is a new FMC,” said Kasper, who noted customers are looking forward to the impact of the acquisition. “We’ve heard from customers that they are really excited about this new company, and it secures FMC’s future in the global marketplace, specifically innovating new products for the market needs.”

Kasper said the company already had a very robust pipeline, but this integration will allow for more internal synthesis and discovery. He said there are also more opportunities within the company as it grew from five sales regions to nine regions after the acquisition.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with John here: Interview with John Kasper, FMC

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