Water Management a Focus for Deere Award Winner

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John Deere presented an Australian company with the inaugural Outstanding Utilization of APIs Award at the 2018 Develop with Deere Conference in Kansas City.

Stu Pocknee with Precision Terrain Solutions said he believes his company is doing things that are innovative and different and interesting. Terrain-based water management is the focus of the applications, from building levies to terraces to better drainage.

“We all know that water is the major vector for pollutants traveling off the farm, and the better job we do of managing water, using more efficiently, limiting leaching, limiting runoff, it’s good for the environment, it’s good for the sustainability of farms,” said Pocknee. “There’s no rocket science involved. It’s purely doing a better job with water management, and that has so many positive implications down the track for the profitability of farmers, for the sustainability of their operations, and the water community. It’s hard to see who can lose out of that. It’s a good situation.”

Pocknee described the future of the API as a “big, blue sky ahead of us.”

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