Precision Ag Bytes 2/21

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  • Valent U.S.A. has announced the launch of MycoApply® EndoPrime™ for corn. MycoApply EndoPrime is applied in-furrow and uses four unique species of mycorrhizal fungi to help improve nutrient efficiency, drought tolerance and yield potential.
  • Agnition announces that multiple recent university research trials demonstrate that Commence® for Soybeans, a seed treatment, increases yield for greater profits. The trials were conducted by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and Iowa State University. Results were highlighted by the Iowa State Reseach where replicated trials in Ames and Boone Iowa resulted in an average gain of 4.0 bushels an acre over an untreated check.
  • A new video released by National Crop Insurance Services explains that some farm policy opponents are lobbying to exclude people from crop insurance which would harm farmers and taxpayers alike. The video is the second video in its “Risk Management Minute” series.
  • Syngenta has acquired FarmShots, Inc., a North Carolina-based innovator of high-resolution satellite imagery that detects plant health by analyzing absorbed light from field images. This service was developed to help farmers, agronomists and retailers quickly and accurately spot field issues caused by planter skips, emergence, insect feeding, poor plant nutrition, crop diseases, weeds, other pests and environmental damage. With this capability, FarmShots enables growers and their trusted advisers to reduce field scouting by as much as 90 percent and helps them focus on areas of need.
  • DTN announced a partnership with Agronomic Technology Corp., a leader in nitrogen modeling. Through the partnership, DTN, an independent source of insight and analysis, and decision-support solutions to customers worldwide in agriculture, energy, commodities and financial analytics, is providing access to ATC’s N-Insight nitrogen diagnostic tool and Adapt-N nitrogen recommendation tool. ATC is incorporating DTN’s localized weather station network into its industry-leading modeling platform.
  • A group of agricultural and conservation stakeholders has announced the launch of 4R Plus, a nutrient management and conservation program that equips Iowa farmers with the tools and resources to protect and enhance Iowa soils. Support of this program has expanded to 30 organizations, including state commodity groups, agribusinesses, conservation organizations, government agencies, universities and others.